At Playwest Mountain Experience we plan our hikes based on what our guests are looking for. Pristine lakes? Ridge walks with incredible views? or summit one of our local mountains?  Playwest can deliver an exceptional experience at any of the classics: Jumbo Pass, Pedley Pass, Lake of the Hanging Glacier, The Welsh Lakes, just to name a few! Below are our Hiking categories and abilities and we will work with you to find the best fit based on your experience, fitness and ability. We can usually find a suitable hike for all to enjoy! Contact us for a quote or to get more information.

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Rating: Easy

Hikes in this range are generally a simple walk on a well maintained trail. Limited elevation gain/loss of up to 350m. Distances can range from 3-5km. The fitness level of a person wanting to travel on an easy hike should be able to walk up 1-2 flights of stairs with limited amount of trouble.

Rating: Moderate

This category of hiking increases the amount of elevation gain and the distance. These hikes generally gain from 350-600m of gain/loss and range from 3-10km. Trails can have some exposed rocks and roots and some steep sections. These hikes are generally for someone that is able to climb several flights of stairs with limited trouble. This range of hiking is for someone that has been hiking in the past and has a generally active lifestyle at home.

Mt. Nelson from the Mt. Bruce ridge.

Mt. Nelson from the Mt. Bruce ridge.

Rating: Challenging

The challenging hikes can be as long as 18km in distance and have up to 800m in elevation gain/loss. Exposed rocks, roots, steep steps and some off trail travel are common. These hikes are generally set up for a very active and fit person already familiar with hiking. This range of hiking is for someone that has been hiking in the past and generally has an active lifestyle at home.

Rating: Very Difficult

Playwest has only a handful of hikes in this range and generally travels in this category with guests that have experience on long hikes. Distances of 20+km and up to 1000m+ of elevation gain/loss can be expected. Exposed rocks, roots and steep steps are common. Trails within this rating are not for the faint of heart.